The road most traveled

I’m confused. Wouldn’t the road less traveled be be the road most traveled by if everyone takes it. I seem to realize the irony of that statement and visualize the objective at the back of my mind. Goal is to reach destination without distraction. Obligations are met then pleasures subsided. Then do I take the road less traveled or the road most traveled, since then that would become the new road less traveled? As I ponder this deeply, the wrinkles get deeper and the laugh lines lose luster. I am at a loss at the riddle that seems to revolve around my day. The satisfaction of getting to the destination should be congratulated but being one with the crowd is often frowned upon. So I divert and take the road less traveled which might have been the road most traveled but abandoned due to the idealistic choices of this generation. So maybe the end doesn’t justify the means and the way you get there is the significant part. So I decide to choose my way. Either the way less traveled or most traveled, I’ll make it my own.


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